Who is Ron Paul and why is he here?

Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul.

Living on a college campus, it’s all I see anymore. I’m not sure what it is about the ornery libertarian that is getting college students excited, but somehow he is. This trend just continues with Paul achieving surprising numbers in Iowa last night with 11,598 votes. Where is this man coming from and what does he support?

Ron Paul is a congressman from Texas, representing a county larger than the state of Massachusetts. He is strongly against the war in Iraq and is strongly pro life. The latter may get him votes in the Republican caucuses this year, but the first is surely not.

College students across the country are heralding Congressman Paul for his views on Iraq, which they adore all the while politely ignoring his views on just about everything else. He supports the abolishing of the Federal Reserve and the Income Tax. Interesting views for a “mainstream” candidate to support. I don’t see Ron Paul acting as a spoiler for either party this year. I think he is bringing out some new faces to vote, which is a good thing, but voters who would not have normally come out for any other candidate. Republicans and Democrats can breathe easy, their party faithful and mainstream independent voters are safe from the grasp of Ron Paul. The only candidate with a possiblity to feel the Ron Paul campaign, is Barack Obama who routinely courts college students around the country. With Ron Paul’s peculiar grasp over a zealous horde of college students, Obama could lose a few college students, but not many.

My expectations for Congressman Paul: I think Ron Paul is going to stick it out to the bitter end. I don’t see him winning, for sure, but he will stick around to keep talking about the issues most important to him, mainly the Iraq War. The college students that are his base of support will vote for him in the general election in November and then slowly go back to their lives supporting mainstream candidates from here on out.


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