Congrats to McCain and Huckabee..not as much Romney and Paul


The New Hampshire Republican debates are winding down and the results are starting to come in. Mitt Romney is clearly backed into a corner and is starting to trying hit back, which doesn’t seem to be working for the American people.

John McCain is up in the polls in New Hampshire, and is thoughtfully approaching the issues brought by Charlie Gibson. McCain responded to Mitt Romney’s attack on his immigration proposals, specially amnesty for illegal immigrants, by saying, “”You can spend your whole fortune on these attacks ads, my friend, but it’s not true.” Although, one still has to note that McCain still has a lot of trouble answering questions on immigration. However, McCain still comes out above Romney, who came off as smug.

The evening’s festivities took an interesting turn every time Congressman Paul spoke up. The rest of the candidates spoke out against Congressman Paul every time, effectively shutting down his libertarian views in favor of mainstream Republican views. Ron Paul’s views are always interesting, but do not seem to fit in the Republican party.

The Republicans disappointingly stood by the majority of President Bush’s doctrines, with Congressman Paul being the only real dissenting voice. Governor Huckabee was the most independent in his views, stating that he agreed with Bush’s Iraq Plan but wanted to put his own mark on the office.

As for the Republican’s prospects in the fall, it’s bleak. The Republican presidential candidates cannot seem to get fully in touch with the current trend in America as for the course of the nation. Senator McCain still stands firmly by his views, which makes me wonder if he is on to something. As for the rest of them, get a view and stick to it. That means you Mitt Romney. Figure out what you stand for, and stand for it. All in all, an interesting Republican Debate.

Expectations for Tuesday: Look for a mix-up. McCain, Romney/Huckabee, Giuliani, Paul. Again, I still think Ron Paul will stick it out, but I see Romney being gone soon.

Quote of the evening: “Did you read the article before you commented on it?” -Mike Huckabee to Mitt Romney

Winner? I’d go with Mike Huckabee. He is an interesting candidate with some real potential for the long run.


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