Bradley Endorses Obama as Clinton goes on the warpath.


Former Senator Bill Bradley has endorsed Illinois Senator Barack Obama. The Obama campaign released a statement from the former Presidential candidate who said, amongst other things that, “Because of his enormous appeal to Americans of all ages and backgrounds, Obama is the candidate best positioned to win in November. … His movement for change could create a new era of American politics — truly a new American story.”

Obama at a campaign stop this morning said, “If I’ve got the American people behind me, I fear no man.” Further showing the type of momentum his campaign is fueled by in these last few days before the New Hampshire primary

Senator Hillary Clinton, after a heated appearance at the debates, came out swinging Sunday morning in New Hampshire attacking the type of change Obama is selling. She said at a campaign stop this morning, “Spread the word that this election is about who can deliver real results for the American people.” Clinton has been trying to sell herself as the candidate of both change and experience, which understandably has the voters confused. Clinton is trying to overcome a tremendous loss in support after the Iowa caucus, with a CNN poll showing her and Obama in dead heat and a Rasmussen poll showing her down twelve points. A recently released Zogby poll has Clinton and Obama in a virtual tie

Last night’s debate also brought up interesting questions of what Edwards plan is. Edwards seems to have aligned himself with Obama against Clinton, possibly trying to get for himself a VP spot.

Expectations: Expect more brutal attacks from Hillary that will turn voters off throughout New Hampshire. Obama will keep on rolling, and Edwards will keep surprising voters throughout the state.

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