GM to release driverless cars

Larry Burns, the VP for Research at GM has onfirmed the possibility of driverless cars within 10 years. According to GM workers, the cars would be able to drive and park themselves without the aid of a human.

According to an interview Burns gave to AP, GM hopes to test driverless cars by 2015.

Apparently all of the technology is in place, but the main hindrance is government liability regulations and other governmental regulations.

In an interview with the AP, Sebastian Thrun, a researcher at Stanford noted that of the 42,000 traffic deaths that occur a year 95 percent were due to human error. Thrun sees a possibility of reducing that number by 50 percent through the use of the driverless cars effectively saving many lives.

The cars would also be able to alleviate congestion problems by forcing cars to put a specific amount of space between each other. This could also lower the cases of road rage.

It’ll be a fun technological development to watch in the future, as GM hopes to release the cars by 2018. Although I am not quite sure how well it’ll sell. There is something to actually driving a car around.


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