Clinton surprises as McCain storms past Romney


The votes for the New Hampshire primary are in and they turned out to be disappointing for Obama supporters, who, after being hyped up by 8-12 percent leads saw their hopes of an Obama primary victory slowly wither away as the night progressed and votes were counted.

On the Republican side, it is predicted that Senator John McCain will win New Hampshire with 36 percent, beating Gov. Mitt Romney by 5 percent. The win is huge for McCain and propels him forward. McCain commented at his victory speech that, “Tonight we showed them what a comeback looks like.”

Fmr. Gov. Romney congratulated McCain on his victory and said that McCain ran a, “first class campaign”

As for the Democrats, Fmr. Senator Edwards is still in third place causing former Democratic Party chair Terry McAuliffe to say,”Now it’s a one-on-one race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.”

This is the truth, as it seems that the contest for the Democratic nomination will last until Super Tuesday if not until the convention.

Other campaign news, Mayor Michael Bloomberg continues to hint at the possibility of a Presidential run, with sources saying that Bloomberg will most likely not confirm or deny until March. Most likely for the purpose of scoping out the race.

Thoughts: It seems that Obama’s gigantic jump in the polls were a bit hollow and inflated with the 12 percent promised just yesterday falling far short.

The Obama campaign will truck on, although losing some of the Big Mo it has captured after the Iowa Caucus. As for the Clinton campaign, they have been refueled in New Hampshire and one can only imagine what sort of holy terror the Clintons have in store for the country. John Edwards it seems is content with where he is.

For the Republicans, a HUGE win for McCain who needed it to keep going. Romney is another candidate who seems content with where he is. My question is, what is Rudy Giuliani thinking? He is a non-candidate at this point with no momentum and I suspect a quickly emptying campaign war chest. Mike Huckabee is still the candidate to keep your eye out for, he’s amiable and he has some novel ideas.

Which brings me to Ron Paul, who had an impressive performance in Iowa tonight. Is it enough? Nah, but it’s still fun to watch.

What to watch for:

Giuliani…will he stay in?

Obama…will the hotel workers still endorse him?

Clinton…more tears?


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