Edwards and Clinton get slapped in the face


Former party nominee John Kerry announced today at the College of Charleston that he will throw his support behind Senator Barack Obama.

This is a huge hit for John Edwards, Kerry’s former running mate, and Hillary Clinton who is a colleague of Kerry’s in the Senate.

In his endorsement, Kerry noted the ability of Barack Obama to unify out country after years of party politics.

His endorsements echo many of the statements made by longtime Obama supporter Tom Daschle who said, “Because of his newness on the scene, he has not created the political opposition and enemies that come with extensive service in politics. He is a clean slate.”

Expectations: This is BIG! Kerry still has a formidable network and an e-mail list of over 3 mil. Expect the Kerry “machine” from 2004 to start to go to work against Clinton. Hopefully this time it can get a win. This, and the Kitchen Workers Union decision to endorse Obama strikes down much of Clinton’s momentum from the surprise win in New Hampshire. Obama is now able to go on the attack again, as Edwards is left crippled by a former ally publicly slapping him in the face. I don’t see Edwards winning South Carolina this time around.

What next: Look for a key endorsement from Al Gore, and see where the rest of the Senate Democrats put their endorsements. Gore will, however, be the big nomination for the Democrats and after how the Gores were treated by the Clintons, I don’t see it going to Hillary…


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