Recount in New Hampshire


Rep. Dennis Kucinich has requested a recount for the Democratic Primary in New Hampshire.

One might ask, didn’t he get obliterated in New Hampshire? The answer is of course yes, but he says it’s not for his gain, it’s for everybody.

Kucinich noted, “serious and credible reports, allegations and rumours” about the integrity of Tuesday’s results.”

David Scanlan, the Dept. Secretary of State for New Hampshire has accepted Kucinich’s recount, but due to election law, Kucinich must pay for the recount. The Kucinich campaign has already sent two thousand dollars into the Secretary of Stare for the purpose of a recount. Scanlan did say that he has received multiple calls from people questioning the integrity of the Democratic primary in New Hampshire

Kucinich specifically cited the enormous polling problems that plagued the Democrats race, with Democrat Barack Obama polling 13 points up before the primary and losing by 4 points in the primary. Kucinich also has credible sources that say that there were significant problems in the hand counting of ballots which were rumored to favor Obama significantly, while the machine counted ballots in the suburban areas of New Hampshire favored Clinton.

What this means: Well, I suppose Obama could win. 4 percent is a lot of ground to reclaim, but anything is possible I suppose. Possible election fraud by Clinton? Well don’t get the conspiracy theorists started on this one, they have far worse pinned on Clinton… The credible and actual affect this will have on the election this year is a closer look at the election procedures by all candidates with more election monitors. The nation can’t handle another 2000 and let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

I applaud Rep. Kucinich for his devotion to transparency and Democracy,as the rest of the candidates look to Michigan, South Carolina and Nevada for wins and momentum there.


1 Response to “Recount in New Hampshire”

  1. 1 Josh Lyman January 11, 2008 at 2:05 pm

    It is ridiculous to even suggest Clinton was involved in election fraud. While it did give a chuckle, let’s not get stuck in another hanging chad situation–that’s not what we need plaguing the Democratic ticket.

    Let’s just recount the votes, applaud Kucinich’s covert opposition to Hillary Clinton, and march onward through a Bloomberg ticket.

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