Obama closes in on Clinton as she loses touch with reality

Not to jinx it again, but new polling suggests that Sen. Barack Obama’s favorables have significantly grown. The Washington Post is reporting that Obama is making a serious challenge to Hillary Clinton as the most electable candidate for the Democrats.

This adds to the unraveling of Clinton’s all be assured win as Rep. Clyburn has hinted at removing his neutrality after what can be seen as a series of disastrous comments from both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The final straw for many black voters was Hillary’s comments on Martin Luther King’s actual contribution to civil rights, saying that Lyndon Johnson did more.
However Hillary is fighting back, and it has me confused as to whether or not she listen to herself.

She said yesterday that,” This is an unfortunate story line that the Obama campaign has pushed very successfully.” Hillary went on to say that, “I don’t think this campaign is about gender, and I sure hope it’s not about race.”

What fairy tale world is Hillary Clinton living in (to steal from Bill’s gaffe of a few days ago)?

I’ve had enough of her talk of how people are out to get her, and I’ve certainly had enough of Hillary Clinton’s talk about “experience.” It’s a lie that needs to stop.

This is Hillary’s experience:

Dishwasher in Alaska

Children’s Defense Fund

Impeachment Inquiry Staff- Watergate

Intellectual Property Law- Rose Law Firm

First Lady of Arkansas

First Lady of the United States

United States Senator- two terms.

I mean, really?

A pilot’s wife isn’t a pilot because her husband is, and a first lady isn’t president because her husband is…enough is enough.

Hillary is not the candidate of change. She isn’t the candidate of experience. She is just another bland candidate lost amongst an uninspired set of the politicians spouting the same old corruption and lies.

Enough is enough Hillary.

Expectations: Obama wins South Carolina. Obama wins Nevada. Romney wins Michigan. Giuliani loses Florida and bows out of the race, leaving his staff to find paying jobs once again. Romney stays in a little longer, but McCain and Huckabee gather steam to become the serious contenders for the Republicans. Bye Mitt.

The race is going to begin to firm up again after the Democrat’s debacle in New Hampshire, and after Romney and Giuliani receive the primary wake-up calls in South Carolina and Florida.


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