The race for the White House firms up

Super Tuesday is only a few days away, and the constant polling is reminding us incessantly how close the Democrats are as they are going into the mother of all primary days.

But is it really all that close?

Clinton seems to be holding on, always, and holding on is all she seems to be doing.

She seems to always be on some form of the the defensive. While that seemed to help her in New Hampshire with her appeal to women who have been hurt by a man in some way, I’m not quite so sure the fears of New Hampshire women will translate into a big win on Tuesday.

For Senator Obama, the continuous push has people flocking to his candidacy. It’s amazing how people really are flocking. His fund raising totals for January recently came out, and they were phenomenal, but what has me really shocked is how people are physically coming out for Obama. Everyone wants a glimpse of the man who has promised hope and change for America. People are sick of the bizarre psychodrama that envelopes the Clintons wherever they go.

If Obama does as well as I expect, the next conversation will be running mates.

The names are already floating about: John Edwards, Kathleen Sebelius, etc. I would have to suggest Senator Jim Webb as the perfect running mate. Forget John Edwards, he doesn’t have enough widespread appeal to win anything and as sad as it is the country won’t elect a woman and an African-American on the same ticket.

The Democratic race will begin to form up after the Super Tuesday results come in.

As for Mrs. Clinton, well she certainly has no prayer in the general election. So even if she does somehow make it through the primary season and defeat Obama she will get swept in the general election. This is because the lie she has been harking on is her experience despite her lack of experience. All the Republicans need is John McCain to shoot down Clinton’s lie.

The Republican Machine is starting to form behind their candidate.

While Fmr. Governor Romney has made some surprising overtures to the Republican base, and is doing better than expected. John McCain really has claimed the high ground in the Republican race. The is important because even the Republican party is sick of the Rovian tactics that got them elected in 2000. I expect McCain to win big on Super Tuesday, and could see a formidable ticket in a McCain/Huckabee ticket. It has the sensible Republican/evangelical Republican balance that would be an attractive ticket for many Republicans throughout the spectrum.

And oh yeah, nice try John Edwards and Rudy Giuliani. Thank you for finally exiting the race. Ron Paul needs to take the hint and move out also, or maybe he will just stay in since he has no hope of a VP spot.


2 Responses to “The race for the White House firms up”

  1. 1 Anonymous February 3, 2008 at 10:28 pm

    nothing about the superbowl? the more important race

  2. 2 jkhutz February 4, 2008 at 2:12 am

    McCain has NO HOPE of winning the general election. If the GOP nominates this old (Democratic!) troll, it will be the equivalent of committing suicide.

    Not even a Clinton can win this election for the GOP if McInCain is the candidate.

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