Obama movement soars as the fantasy of the Clinton Era slowly slips away

Super Tuesday has come and gone, and Hillary Clinton proved much like the New England Patriots. What is the point of winning California (think perfect season) if you want win the most delegates at the end of the night?

Obama had an amazing weekend with important wins throughout the country, as he swept this weekends primaries. What does that mean for the Clinton campaign?


The Clinton campaign is bracing for the possibility that their former Vice President, Al Gore, will side with the Junior Senator from Illinois. They are scared, and they should be scared. Apart from Bill Clinton endorsing Obama over his wife the thought that the most prominent member of the Democratic movement in the 90s would endorse Obama over Mrs. Clinton is a dreadful character blow to Clinton.

What are they up against? The Obama campaign is raising an unheard amount of money from an unheard of amount of people. Clinton just isn’t.

Furthermore the Obama movement is becoming more than just political support. It is becoming a tremendous movement. Journalist Geoff Elliot notes: “Obama is part politician, part cult. Supporters wearing T-shirts with an Andy Warhol like pop-art image of his face testify to that. But then they – him – were once easy to dismiss until people realised Obama’s charisma was being matched by one of the most sophisticated ground operations ever seen. It is one that is outsmarting the Clinton machine. He’s marrying inspiration and cult with old-fashioned political grunt. ”

The Clinton campaign just does not have the same fervor. What else does the Clinton campaign have to go up against? In the small chance that Hillary wins the nomination, she may find herself without the large pool of voters that Obama was able to harness. Sen. Obama noted in a rally that while he feels that Clinton supporters would come out for him if he was the nominee, he doesn’t know if the same is true about his supporters for Clinton.

He’s right! The Clinton cult is smaller and getting smaller as the country seems to be growing weary of the bizarre tag team preformed by Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. People who were once positive they wanted Bill Clinton back in the White House now aren’t so sure.

So what is next for the Democrats?

John McCain is the heir apparent to the Republican nomination, as Mike Huckabee seems to be making a solid bid to be the Vice Presidential nominee for the Republicans. The Democrats need to have their nominee before the convention if they hope to be able to build the money and strength needed to bring the best fight against the nominee. Furthermore, the Democrats need to nominate Sen. Obama. Hillary Clinton, despite what she might say, has no hope against Sen. McCain. The credentials that she has run on throughout the Democrats primary battles will pale in comparison and for her to even utter them in a stump speech would just be embarrassing for the Democratic Party.

One hopes that after the Potomac Primaries and a few more primaries throughout the month of March, Sen. Clinton will realize she has lost the nomination fight and will bow out to give Senator Obama the time to keep building his momentum and movement, but considering the past behavior of Clinton, that cannot be assured.

Obama needs to keep winning, and pull bigger numbers to shock the Clinton campaign out of their election fantasy and back into the reality that Mrs. Clinton has no appeal to anyone except for liberals, and without the crossover appeal will have no chance of beating Senator McCain in the November election.

Also Mrs. Clinton, people have noticed you haven’t congratulated Senator Obama on his great weekend. Show some class, please?


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