Disarray on the road to the White House

Senator Hillary Clinton just does not seem to understand the position she is in, or maybe she does and it is merely hubris that is keeping her in the race. Pundits all across the networks have noted that if Sen. Obama had lost 11 straight primaries, he would habe left the race graciously a long time ago. But that is not the Clinton way.

Senator Obama is doing phenomenally well in his quest for the White House, and after winning 11 straight primaries they momentum does not seem to be letting up. Statisticians are putting him in a dead heat with Senator Clinton 8 days out from the primary, and he seems to have no where to go but up. The Clinton campaign’s efforts at smearing the Obama campaign are failing as even Maggie Williams can’t control the campaign or the media.

The Clinton campaign needs to fold up quietly and let the Obama campaign pull the full resources of the Democratic Party to hit hard against Senator McCain.

Just today Senator McCain told reports that, “Americans will judge my candidacy first and foremost on how they believe I can lead the country both from our economy and for national security. Obviously, Iraq will play a role in their judgment of my ability to handle national security.”  With McCain’s positions on Iraq having been clearly published in recent weeks, it is no surpirse how the Democrats should and will approach their campaign against Senator McCain.

That leaves only how quickly can the Democrats form together and move back the Clinton/Obama race. The steps for that are as follows: someone needs to tell Senator Clinton to leave, Senator Clinton leaves, Obama finds a running mate, and the race is on.

But who can tell Senator Clinton that her time is up? Columnist Robert Novak notes that Ted Kennedy, who is the clearest example of a party elder is out because of his ties to the Obama campaign, but if not the liberal lion than who?

Al Gore would be a logical choice, but his ties to the Clinton campaign in the past, and the potential bad blood between the two families could tarnish that. Nancy Pelosi? Howard Dean? Both aren’t strong enough. Regardless the Democrats need to firm up the calling committee and tell Hillary to go home.

That leaves the running mate for Senator Obama, and my money is firmly on Tim Kaine. Kathleen Sebelius would be a great choice, but I’m not sure if the Democrats feel completely comfortable running an African American and a Woman, as sad as that is. However, Tim Kaine is no second string candidate to Sebelius. He is a strong candidate with experience as a governor and a history with one of the legendary families of Virginia, by way of his wife.

The Democrats need to firm up quickly, so they can decide on a running mate for Obama and start exposing the world view of John McCain as a relic of the past.


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