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On Ron Paul


Enough is enough Ron.

Enough is enough Ron Paul followers.

The man is crazy. All of this talk about this newsletter just confirms what everybody already knew…Ron Paul went off the deep end a long time ago. There are the cries in his defense that he did not write it. Well then there is something disturbing about a man who can’t control racists publishing under his name.
So Ron my advice is…go back to being a doctor.

As for Ron Paul supporters. I understand the thinking behind supporting a candidate you agree with But honestly, why do you support Ron Paul? Do you know anything past his view on Iraq? I have listened to enough college students that love Dr. Paul solely for his view on Iraq. Why do you support Ron Paul?

In my opinion Ron Paul belongs teaching at a college campus. His ideas are novel and worth publishing but don’t transfer into any sort of reality.

For instance, does returning to a gold standard actually make sense to you?

If you responded yes…are you serious? Have you ever read the Wall Street Journal or took an economics class? The world has gotten to large and too interconnected to be able to reasonably support a gold standard. It is a standard of the past, and should be kept there. The world cannot go back to the gold standard, and the only time it is ever mentioned anymore is by crazy professors who publish and get laughed at.

Next, where are the outcries over his being pro-life?

Lastly, Ron Paul has a fundamentalist view of the constitution, with no understand that it is a living document, and that it wasn’t frozen in the 1700s. The constitution is meant to change and meant to be interpreted

Come on America, think.

If you believe you have, please tell me why you support Ron Paul. I really don’t understand and want to know.


Congressman calls for impeachment

Congressman Robert Wexler of Florida called for the impeachment of Vice-President Dick Cheney last night. Wexley has gathered 190,000 signatures in support of his measure to impeach Cheney. Last night he said:

Tomorrow, I will deliver these names to my colleagues on the Judiciary Committee with a letter to my friend, Chairman Conyers, calling for hearings. I will ask my colleagues to sign this letter … Continuing every day for months, I will publish in the Congressional Record several thousand names of supporters who signed up. History demands that we take action, because the case against Vice prsident Cheney is far strong than th illegality surrounding Watergate.

Wexler went on to say that, “In the history of our nation, we have never encountered a moment where the actions of a President or a Vice President have more strongly demanded the use of the power of impeachment.Interesting happenings for the House of Representatives.

It will be interesting to see how Conyers and Cheney respond to this request.

Below is a video from Rep. Wexler…

Primary Predictions….up to Super Tuesday

Congratulations Mitt Romney! You finally got a big one…even if your father was governor in the state.

John McCain, don’t worry. You’re still fine. Losing because of nepotism again must hurt, but fear not. You are going to do well Super Tuesday.

Here are my predictions for the Primary Season up to Super Tuesday

South Carolina- Congrats to Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee, I think you’re going to win it. Although John McCain, you may still have a chance in South Carolina…keep going strong.

Florida- Rudy Giuliani will not win here. I don’t care how much he is trying. It just will not happen. As for who will win. I think John McCain. The Democrats need to work out the legal issues of the Florida primary before I will comment on the primary.

Nevada- Obama wins, and the Clinton campaign takes a big hit in losing their ally, Harry Reid’s, state. Sign of things to come?

Louisiana- A close race between Huckabee and McCain

Maine- McCain wins here, but it’s close. Maybe a second place for Thompson. Not that it matters.


Alabama- Huckabee/Edwards

Alaska- McCain/Clinton

Arizona- McCain/Obama



Colorado- McCain/Obama

Connecticut- McCain/Clinton

Delaware- Romney/Clinton

Georgia- Huckabee/Obama

Idaho- Huckabee/Obama

Illinois- McCain/Obama…congrats to Obama on winning your home state

Kansas- Huckabee/Clinton


Minnesota- Romney/Clinton

Missouri- McCain/Obama

New Jersey- Romney/Clinton

New Mexico- McCain/Obama

New York- Romney/Obama…Clinton loses her home state and possible her Senate seat.
Oklahoma- Huckabee/Obama

Tennessee- Huckabee/Obama…sorry Fred. Tennessee knows how worthless you are.

Utah- Romney/Clinton…Romney clenches the Mormon vote, anybody surprised?

My post super Tuesday expectations: Well, I think we are definitley going to have some front runners. I don’t see Edwards being around past Super Tuesday. Either money will dry up or he will get the message. Clinton will take a big hit but will probably stay in the race for a month or two longer. Obama will have a big day on Feb. 5th and will continue towards the nomination. Start thinking of a GREAT VP. A Republican would be an interesting choice.

For the Republicans. It’ll be tight between Huckabee and McCain. Romney won’t be around for too much longer. Maybe he can move to Utah and become a governor there. Fred Thompson will be gone, and not a moment too soon. I think Giuliani will be gone after his Florida intensive strategy blows up in his face and he sees how everybody thinks he is a weird and unlikable guy. A McCain/Huckabee ticket would be a formidable option, with McCain only staying in for one term. 

Epic Brawls

In the most recent Russian Superleague game of the Ak Bars vs. Trakto, 378 penalty minutes were given out for this epic brawl.


And just to give some fair airplay to Rugby, some monumental punches are thrown in this brawl.

Obama closes in on Clinton as she loses touch with reality

Not to jinx it again, but new polling suggests that Sen. Barack Obama’s favorables have significantly grown. The Washington Post is reporting that Obama is making a serious challenge to Hillary Clinton as the most electable candidate for the Democrats.

This adds to the unraveling of Clinton’s all be assured win as Rep. Clyburn has hinted at removing his neutrality after what can be seen as a series of disastrous comments from both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The final straw for many black voters was Hillary’s comments on Martin Luther King’s actual contribution to civil rights, saying that Lyndon Johnson did more.
However Hillary is fighting back, and it has me confused as to whether or not she listen to herself.

She said yesterday that,” This is an unfortunate story line that the Obama campaign has pushed very successfully.” Hillary went on to say that, “I don’t think this campaign is about gender, and I sure hope it’s not about race.”

What fairy tale world is Hillary Clinton living in (to steal from Bill’s gaffe of a few days ago)?

I’ve had enough of her talk of how people are out to get her, and I’ve certainly had enough of Hillary Clinton’s talk about “experience.” It’s a lie that needs to stop.

This is Hillary’s experience:

Dishwasher in Alaska

Children’s Defense Fund

Impeachment Inquiry Staff- Watergate

Intellectual Property Law- Rose Law Firm

First Lady of Arkansas

First Lady of the United States

United States Senator- two terms.

I mean, really?

A pilot’s wife isn’t a pilot because her husband is, and a first lady isn’t president because her husband is…enough is enough.

Hillary is not the candidate of change. She isn’t the candidate of experience. She is just another bland candidate lost amongst an uninspired set of the politicians spouting the same old corruption and lies.

Enough is enough Hillary.

Expectations: Obama wins South Carolina. Obama wins Nevada. Romney wins Michigan. Giuliani loses Florida and bows out of the race, leaving his staff to find paying jobs once again. Romney stays in a little longer, but McCain and Huckabee gather steam to become the serious contenders for the Republicans. Bye Mitt.

The race is going to begin to firm up again after the Democrat’s debacle in New Hampshire, and after Romney and Giuliani receive the primary wake-up calls in South Carolina and Florida.

Another slap in the face for Clinton


A former US Attorney under the Clintons and now prominent Governor, Janet Napolitano has decided to endorse Sen. Barack Obama.

What this means: Well a lot of things. First off, this is possible the most prominent female executive in the country, since she is the former Chair of the National Governor’s Association. Napolitano noted the changed and unification that Obama was capable of in her decision. This is also important because of a female executive not feeling beholden or trapped into endorsing Hillary Clinton. Napolitano was able to rationally say that the unification and new outlook that Barack Obama is what this country needs, not another year added onto the Dynasty decades of the Bush family and the Clinton family.

It’s also important because Napolitano could be a serious contender as a Vice-President should Barack Obama win the nomination. Napolitano would be able to deliver Arizona, a state often won by Republicans, and could give the appeal of a female executive breaking into the White House.

Apart from the slap in the face endorsement from Kerry, this is the most important endorsement in this election. Napolitano by endorsing him gave him serious credibility and allowed women to escape from the trap of having to vote for Clinton because she is the female candidate.

Recount in New Hampshire


Rep. Dennis Kucinich has requested a recount for the Democratic Primary in New Hampshire.

One might ask, didn’t he get obliterated in New Hampshire? The answer is of course yes, but he says it’s not for his gain, it’s for everybody.

Kucinich noted, “serious and credible reports, allegations and rumours” about the integrity of Tuesday’s results.”

David Scanlan, the Dept. Secretary of State for New Hampshire has accepted Kucinich’s recount, but due to election law, Kucinich must pay for the recount. The Kucinich campaign has already sent two thousand dollars into the Secretary of Stare for the purpose of a recount. Scanlan did say that he has received multiple calls from people questioning the integrity of the Democratic primary in New Hampshire

Kucinich specifically cited the enormous polling problems that plagued the Democrats race, with Democrat Barack Obama polling 13 points up before the primary and losing by 4 points in the primary. Kucinich also has credible sources that say that there were significant problems in the hand counting of ballots which were rumored to favor Obama significantly, while the machine counted ballots in the suburban areas of New Hampshire favored Clinton.

What this means: Well, I suppose Obama could win. 4 percent is a lot of ground to reclaim, but anything is possible I suppose. Possible election fraud by Clinton? Well don’t get the conspiracy theorists started on this one, they have far worse pinned on Clinton… The credible and actual affect this will have on the election this year is a closer look at the election procedures by all candidates with more election monitors. The nation can’t handle another 2000 and let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

I applaud Rep. Kucinich for his devotion to transparency and Democracy,as the rest of the candidates look to Michigan, South Carolina and Nevada for wins and momentum there.

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