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Big Happenings for Obama


South Carolina is over, and what a tremendous win for Barack Obama.

Obama not only beat Clinton he absolutely and completely defeated her South Carolina strategy.

So what’s next for Obama & CO?

Big Happenings. It has been leaked that the de facto leader of the Democratic Party Edward Kennedy will endorse Sen. Obama on Monday outside American University. This comes on the tail of the phenomenal op-ed written by his niece and fmr. President John Kennedy’s daughter Caroline. In one of the best pieces of political writing in the New York Times in a long while (and certainly better than their shoddy endorsement of Clinton) Caroline Kennedy wrote:

Sometimes it takes a while to recognize that someone has a special ability to get us to believe in ourselves, to tie that belief to our highest ideals and imagine that together we can do great things. In those rare moments, when such a person comes along, we need to put aside our plans and reach for what we know is possible.

We have that kind of opportunity with Senator Obama. It isn’t that the other candidates are not experienced or knowledgeable. But this year, that may not be enough. We need a change in the leadership of this country — just as we did in 1960.

It’s wonderful to see the Kennedy family taking up their leadership mantle for the Obama campaign.

What’s next for the Democrats then? Everyone is still waiting for the endorsement of Nobel Laureate/Vice President/Academy Award winner/Author/Everything else Al Gore. If Obama can nab both Kennedy and Gore, he has a blank check and the full support of the elders of the Democratic Party.

It would also be the end of the Clinton campaign. The Clinton campaign who has falsely sold themselves as the campaign of experience would be shut down by the two most experienced Democratic minds. The Clinton campaign would be castrated from the image that they are trying to sell that people should consider them experienced. If Ted Kennedy and Al Gore have no consideration for Hillary’s experience then why should the electorate?

As for the other Democrat, he is remaining in the race. Edwards campaign folk are alledging that Edwards will remain in the race until the convention. I suspect Edwards sees a VP spot for himself, but this would be the wrong move for the Obama campaign, and I hope they realize that.

Edwards really has nothing to offer the Obama campaign, and wouldn’t be able to win the Presidency in 8 years. Hopefully he will realize this, but it’s doubtful.

As for the Republicans, John McCain keeps on keeping on. Mitt Romney recently acquired the services of a Cheney, but who really cares? She worked for Fred Thompson first. The country is sick of the Bush family and is certainly sick of the Cheney family.

Rudy Giuliani still remains in the race, but I’m hoping that he drops out soon so the country doesn’t have to continue watching one of the most painful ego trips in political history.

On to Super Tuesday!


Primary Predictions….up to Super Tuesday

Congratulations Mitt Romney! You finally got a big one…even if your father was governor in the state.

John McCain, don’t worry. You’re still fine. Losing because of nepotism again must hurt, but fear not. You are going to do well Super Tuesday.

Here are my predictions for the Primary Season up to Super Tuesday

South Carolina- Congrats to Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee, I think you’re going to win it. Although John McCain, you may still have a chance in South Carolina…keep going strong.

Florida- Rudy Giuliani will not win here. I don’t care how much he is trying. It just will not happen. As for who will win. I think John McCain. The Democrats need to work out the legal issues of the Florida primary before I will comment on the primary.

Nevada- Obama wins, and the Clinton campaign takes a big hit in losing their ally, Harry Reid’s, state. Sign of things to come?

Louisiana- A close race between Huckabee and McCain

Maine- McCain wins here, but it’s close. Maybe a second place for Thompson. Not that it matters.


Alabama- Huckabee/Edwards

Alaska- McCain/Clinton

Arizona- McCain/Obama



Colorado- McCain/Obama

Connecticut- McCain/Clinton

Delaware- Romney/Clinton

Georgia- Huckabee/Obama

Idaho- Huckabee/Obama

Illinois- McCain/Obama…congrats to Obama on winning your home state

Kansas- Huckabee/Clinton


Minnesota- Romney/Clinton

Missouri- McCain/Obama

New Jersey- Romney/Clinton

New Mexico- McCain/Obama

New York- Romney/Obama…Clinton loses her home state and possible her Senate seat.
Oklahoma- Huckabee/Obama

Tennessee- Huckabee/Obama…sorry Fred. Tennessee knows how worthless you are.

Utah- Romney/Clinton…Romney clenches the Mormon vote, anybody surprised?

My post super Tuesday expectations: Well, I think we are definitley going to have some front runners. I don’t see Edwards being around past Super Tuesday. Either money will dry up or he will get the message. Clinton will take a big hit but will probably stay in the race for a month or two longer. Obama will have a big day on Feb. 5th and will continue towards the nomination. Start thinking of a GREAT VP. A Republican would be an interesting choice.

For the Republicans. It’ll be tight between Huckabee and McCain. Romney won’t be around for too much longer. Maybe he can move to Utah and become a governor there. Fred Thompson will be gone, and not a moment too soon. I think Giuliani will be gone after his Florida intensive strategy blows up in his face and he sees how everybody thinks he is a weird and unlikable guy. A McCain/Huckabee ticket would be a formidable option, with McCain only staying in for one term. 

Obama closes in on Clinton as she loses touch with reality

Not to jinx it again, but new polling suggests that Sen. Barack Obama’s favorables have significantly grown. The Washington Post is reporting that Obama is making a serious challenge to Hillary Clinton as the most electable candidate for the Democrats.

This adds to the unraveling of Clinton’s all be assured win as Rep. Clyburn has hinted at removing his neutrality after what can be seen as a series of disastrous comments from both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The final straw for many black voters was Hillary’s comments on Martin Luther King’s actual contribution to civil rights, saying that Lyndon Johnson did more.
However Hillary is fighting back, and it has me confused as to whether or not she listen to herself.

She said yesterday that,” This is an unfortunate story line that the Obama campaign has pushed very successfully.” Hillary went on to say that, “I don’t think this campaign is about gender, and I sure hope it’s not about race.”

What fairy tale world is Hillary Clinton living in (to steal from Bill’s gaffe of a few days ago)?

I’ve had enough of her talk of how people are out to get her, and I’ve certainly had enough of Hillary Clinton’s talk about “experience.” It’s a lie that needs to stop.

This is Hillary’s experience:

Dishwasher in Alaska

Children’s Defense Fund

Impeachment Inquiry Staff- Watergate

Intellectual Property Law- Rose Law Firm

First Lady of Arkansas

First Lady of the United States

United States Senator- two terms.

I mean, really?

A pilot’s wife isn’t a pilot because her husband is, and a first lady isn’t president because her husband is…enough is enough.

Hillary is not the candidate of change. She isn’t the candidate of experience. She is just another bland candidate lost amongst an uninspired set of the politicians spouting the same old corruption and lies.

Enough is enough Hillary.

Expectations: Obama wins South Carolina. Obama wins Nevada. Romney wins Michigan. Giuliani loses Florida and bows out of the race, leaving his staff to find paying jobs once again. Romney stays in a little longer, but McCain and Huckabee gather steam to become the serious contenders for the Republicans. Bye Mitt.

The race is going to begin to firm up again after the Democrat’s debacle in New Hampshire, and after Romney and Giuliani receive the primary wake-up calls in South Carolina and Florida.

Clinton surprises as McCain storms past Romney


The votes for the New Hampshire primary are in and they turned out to be disappointing for Obama supporters, who, after being hyped up by 8-12 percent leads saw their hopes of an Obama primary victory slowly wither away as the night progressed and votes were counted.

On the Republican side, it is predicted that Senator John McCain will win New Hampshire with 36 percent, beating Gov. Mitt Romney by 5 percent. The win is huge for McCain and propels him forward. McCain commented at his victory speech that, “Tonight we showed them what a comeback looks like.”

Fmr. Gov. Romney congratulated McCain on his victory and said that McCain ran a, “first class campaign”

As for the Democrats, Fmr. Senator Edwards is still in third place causing former Democratic Party chair Terry McAuliffe to say,”Now it’s a one-on-one race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.”

This is the truth, as it seems that the contest for the Democratic nomination will last until Super Tuesday if not until the convention.

Other campaign news, Mayor Michael Bloomberg continues to hint at the possibility of a Presidential run, with sources saying that Bloomberg will most likely not confirm or deny until March. Most likely for the purpose of scoping out the race.

Thoughts: It seems that Obama’s gigantic jump in the polls were a bit hollow and inflated with the 12 percent promised just yesterday falling far short.

The Obama campaign will truck on, although losing some of the Big Mo it has captured after the Iowa Caucus. As for the Clinton campaign, they have been refueled in New Hampshire and one can only imagine what sort of holy terror the Clintons have in store for the country. John Edwards it seems is content with where he is.

For the Republicans, a HUGE win for McCain who needed it to keep going. Romney is another candidate who seems content with where he is. My question is, what is Rudy Giuliani thinking? He is a non-candidate at this point with no momentum and I suspect a quickly emptying campaign war chest. Mike Huckabee is still the candidate to keep your eye out for, he’s amiable and he has some novel ideas.

Which brings me to Ron Paul, who had an impressive performance in Iowa tonight. Is it enough? Nah, but it’s still fun to watch.

What to watch for:

Giuliani…will he stay in?

Obama…will the hotel workers still endorse him?

Clinton…more tears?

First Votes Cast in New Hampshire Primary

Dixville Notch and Hart’s Location are infamous for their unusual voting practice. Voting at midnight before everyone else.

While this isn’t like the Hartsfield Landing featured in The West Wing, where the winner of Hartsfield Landing always wins the nomination, the early votes can understandably give some insight into the voting of New Hampshire residents.

Last Presidential election Hart’s Location and Dixville Notch voted for Wesley Clark, who both failed to get the Democratic Nomination and the Presidency.

A little history behind the two town’s tradition of early voting, the small town of Hart’s Location began voting at midnight in 1948 because the whole town had to work all day on the railroad. Although the practice was done away with in 1964, only to be revived in 1996 the practice is a center of media attention.

This year, Dixville Notch may have been accurate with their votes for the Republican and Democratic nominations by voting for John McCain for the Republicans and Barack Obama for the Democrats.

The voters in Dixville Notch were the first to vote this year in a primary.

Announced after Dixville Notch was the town of Hart’s Location. In Hart’s Location Obama and McCain were also the early winners, with Clinton receiving votes in this hamlet. However, for the Republicans Mike Huckabee had an interesting little victory placing second behind John McCain. An omen of events to come later in the day? Another fascinating event was the showing by sometimes Republican Ron Paul who beat Mitt Romney out 4-1.

The Results…

Dixville Notch:









Hart’s Location:










Obama/McCain up in Gallup poll

A recently released USAToday/Gallup poll has Barack Obama 13 points up on Hillary Clinton with 41 percent. John McCain is up 4 points on Mitt Romney.

The complete poll results are below from USA Today. It is to be noted that the poll has a four percent margin of error putting Obama way above the margin of error while McCain is right in the margin of error.

This is a another bit hit for the Clinton campaign, as a string of respected polling agencies including Rasmussen, Zogby, and now Gallup have Obama soundly taking the lead in the New Hampshire Democratic primary. The string of favorable polls for McCain are just what he needs going into Tuesday’s primary, as it is likely that Mitt Romney will not survive a loss in New Hampshire.


Obama: 41%; up from 32% in the last USA TODAY/Gallup New Hampshire poll, taken in mid-December.
Clinton: 28%; down from 32%.
John Edwards: 19%; up from 18%.
Gov. Bill Richardson: 6%; down from 8%.
No one else above 3%.


McCain: 34%; up from 27% in mid-December.
Romney: 30%; down from 34%.
Mike Huckabee: 13%; up from 9%.
Rep. Ron Paul: 8%; down from 9%.
Rudy Giuliani: 8%; down from 11%.
No one else above 3%.

(USA Today)

Congrats to McCain and Huckabee..not as much Romney and Paul


The New Hampshire Republican debates are winding down and the results are starting to come in. Mitt Romney is clearly backed into a corner and is starting to trying hit back, which doesn’t seem to be working for the American people.

John McCain is up in the polls in New Hampshire, and is thoughtfully approaching the issues brought by Charlie Gibson. McCain responded to Mitt Romney’s attack on his immigration proposals, specially amnesty for illegal immigrants, by saying, “”You can spend your whole fortune on these attacks ads, my friend, but it’s not true.” Although, one still has to note that McCain still has a lot of trouble answering questions on immigration. However, McCain still comes out above Romney, who came off as smug.

The evening’s festivities took an interesting turn every time Congressman Paul spoke up. The rest of the candidates spoke out against Congressman Paul every time, effectively shutting down his libertarian views in favor of mainstream Republican views. Ron Paul’s views are always interesting, but do not seem to fit in the Republican party.

The Republicans disappointingly stood by the majority of President Bush’s doctrines, with Congressman Paul being the only real dissenting voice. Governor Huckabee was the most independent in his views, stating that he agreed with Bush’s Iraq Plan but wanted to put his own mark on the office.

As for the Republican’s prospects in the fall, it’s bleak. The Republican presidential candidates cannot seem to get fully in touch with the current trend in America as for the course of the nation. Senator McCain still stands firmly by his views, which makes me wonder if he is on to something. As for the rest of them, get a view and stick to it. That means you Mitt Romney. Figure out what you stand for, and stand for it. All in all, an interesting Republican Debate.

Expectations for Tuesday: Look for a mix-up. McCain, Romney/Huckabee, Giuliani, Paul. Again, I still think Ron Paul will stick it out, but I see Romney being gone soon.

Quote of the evening: “Did you read the article before you commented on it?” -Mike Huckabee to Mitt Romney

Winner? I’d go with Mike Huckabee. He is an interesting candidate with some real potential for the long run.

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